Investment Opportunity

TKS rubber is poised to achieve significant market share in the global rubber market, which is currently 10m tons and valued at $20 billion. Given increasing demand, world rubber consumption is expected to reach 17m tons by 2025.  Additionally, natural rubber prices have increased five-fold since 2001.

The overdependence on rubber tree plantations in Southeast Asia is adding to the volatility of the traditional rubber market with disease and weather-related supply shortages, unwanted deforestation and rising labor costs, which weighs on a wide range of industries. Advances in bioengineering makes it viable to produce high-value plant-based rubber derived from TKS dandelions. While offering a more sustainable alternative to conventional natural rubber, with improved extraction technologies, more efficient use of arable land and less environmental impacts by reducing the usage of fossil resources, the New Rubber Economy is poised to bring a cost efficient and environmentally sustainable solution for farmers, investors and end-users such as tire companies as it is at the intersection of sustainable agriculture, responsible investments and climate action. These factors bode a bright future for TKS rubber.

Kazakhstan is uniquely positioned to produce TKS rubber on a large-scale as it is the indigenous home of TKS dandelion and possesses extensive acres of arable land. Furthermore, its strategic Eurasian location will enable the KZ-Rubber project to benefit from logistical/infrastructure networks connecting to Europe and Asia.

KSTM is seeking partnerships with governments, international institutions, corporations and strategic investors. TBG and Kamizhan will take the lead role to facilitate investment and business development both regionally and globally. KSTM will lead the project on the ground to drive implementation and oversee day-to-day activities.

To receive more information and a detailed investor presentation, contact:

Mr. David Solomon Bassiouni at The Bassiouni Group (

Mr. Kunbolat Dauletkhanov at Kamizhan (

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