TKS Dandelion: Building the New Rubber Economy

About Us

KZ-Rubber, which is a successor to the “Drive4EU,” “EU- PEARLS,” and “KZ PEARLS” projects, represents the commercial phase of rubber production from the Taraxacum Kok-Saghz (TKS) Dandelion. Kazakhstan is the perfect location for the future home of the New Rubber Economy because the TKS Dandelion is indigenous to the low mountain ranges of Southeast Kazakhstan, and the country possesses vast amounts of arable land. TKS was the source of production of natural rubber in the USSR and has been entered in the country’s Red Book of protected species. As such, Kazakhstan is poised to play a strategic and vital role in the commercial development of TKS-derived rubber. The KZ-Rubber project, which entails the development of a new factory and production hub in Southern Kazakhstan with logistical links to key markets in Asia and Europe, and, will also ensure that Kazakhstan is a global leader in Sustainability and Green Industry Innovation. The KZ-Rubber team is committed to building the New Rubber Industry and the New Rubber Economy.

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